Tan Preparation


A spray tan can only be as good as the preparation and aftercare for your skin. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make a huge difference to the results and longevity of your tan:

Preparing for your tan:


For a perfect spray tan you need a smooth even base. You can achieve this by thoroughly exfoliating then moisturising in the days leading up to your tanning day to get rid of all of the dead skin cells, leaving the newest smoothest cells to be tanned.

Preferably do your last exfoliation 24 hours before your tanning session. Pay particular attention to rougher areas including knees, elbows, feet & heels.  

Ecotan’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a great dry exfoliator and removes any old tan while nourishing your skin. Ecotan’s Extreme Exfoliant Glove also works great on wet or dry skin!


For your tan to be even and long lasting moisturising is essential but not on the day of your tan! Dry, flaky or sunburnt skin will result in a patchy tan. Again focus on rougher areas of skin. Moisturising will also help to extend the life of your tan as dry skin is where your tan will start to crackle first and look patchy.

What about hair removal?

Any hair removal needs to be done prior to your tan. It is vital that any waxing, shaving or electrolysis is done at least 24hrs prior to your tan.

On the day of your tan: 

Any product that is on your skin will interfere with the tanning process. This includes:

  • makeup
  • moisturiser
  • perfume
  • sunscreen
  • deodorant

Please make sure you remove these products prior to your tanning session. It is best to shower prior to your tan to ensure all products are removed from the skin but NOT to wash hair. Be careful not to use any moisturising body wash that may leave a residue on your skin as this will provide a barrier and the tan may not take evenly.  

What do I wear after my spray tan?

It’s really important to wear loose, dark clothing after your appointment to avoid rubbing or marking your fresh tan. Loose flowy t-shirt style dresses or kaftan style dresses are ideal & definitely nothing tight or with thin straps. It is best not to wear a bra home or strapless only to avoid rub marks.

In wet weather it is vital that your skin is covered to protect it from spots from the rain. This means loose long sleeved t-shirt, loose trackpants & ugg boots. Even better grab a Tansie which even has a hood & is available in the salon.

You will also always be walked to your car with a large umbrella.

Please no:      

  • Jeans or tight pants
  • Anything tight
  • Thins straps
  • Shoes or socks

After your tan:

Don’t get wet until the wash off time! This includes sweating. Any moisture will result in white patches so be careful! No washing up or working out!

Also don’t touch your tanned skin until wash off time, it can result in marks and worse tanned palms! If you are sleeping in your tan I would recommend wearing light cotton socks over your hands to prevent this.

You will be advised on how long you need to wait before you have your first shower. When I say shower I mean rinse! Under lukewarm water rinse off while counting to 30, that’s it! No soap, hair washing or anything else until the next day. You will notice the water is brown! Don’t worry this is just the initial bronzer, your colour will develop over the next 24-48hrs. Pat dry with a towel no rubbing!

The next day you can have a shower as normal with soap free wash and pat dry.

A few important final tips:

  • Soap will drastically reduce the life of your tan. Ecotan’s Foaming Body Wash is specially developed to use with spray tans and tanning products and feels amazing.

  • Never, ever spray perfume directly onto the skin it will cause patches.

  • Short showers in lukewarm water and pat dry only will also help your tan to last longer

  • Swimming will drastically reduce the life of your tan as will bathing, saunas and spas. Save these things for when you want to get the last of your tan off! 

  • Moisturise moisturise, moisturise!!! Dry skin cells will shed faster and your tan will go with them. But don’t start moisturising until your tan has developed fully (ideally 48hrs but you can start 24hrs after if your skin is really dry). Also be careful what you use as many products will actually break down your tan!  Ecotan’s Coconut Body Milk is specially formulated to be used on spray tanned skin so will not interfere with your tan.  

  • Any hair removal will strip your tan.

  • A tan extender will keep your tan looking fresh for longer. Ecotan’s Winter Skin is specially formulated to complement your spray tan and works beautifully.

  • A tan enhancer will deepen and extend your tan and allow you to top up in between tans, especially if you are going on holiday. Ecotan’s Invisible Tan is very clever product that can be used for this and it wont stain clothing or sheets, amazing!

  • Always protect your skin with sunscreen when out and about. It will keep you looking younger and you don’t need a real tan ever again sister so stay safe and fake it!! Ecotan’s all natural Coconut Sunscreen smells amazing and is free from synthetics and other nasties. It also comes in a tinted sunscreen for face which you can use daily as light makeup or as a base.

    If you have any questions or would like to purchase any products just let me know 0416 162 507.