About Us

The Salon

Bronzed Hunnyz is not your average home salon. This fully professional, private tanning studio has been carefully designed with you in mind to ensure that you feel comfortable & relaxed while you are here treating yourself.

Here you will find has easy parking, a totally private tanning room with seperate waiting area, a state of the art extraction filter system & premium spray tanning application equipment for perfect application.

You will always be provided with clean towels, a disposable hair net to protect your hair and disposable gstring if you would like one.

The salon is also fully air conditioned for your total comfort all year round. 


I am obsessed with spray tanning, I always have been! I love creating beautiful believable tans & take pride in ensuring each & every tan is flawless & every precious client is happy. I am of course a fully nationally accredited spray tan technician & pride myself on being up to date on the latest products & techniques.

I also love teaching people that a beautiful tan does not require toxic ingredients or any synthetics. I only use the absolute best, premium Certified Organic & toxic free spray tan solutions & products. 

Each & every person that steps into my salon is already special & beautiful but the difference when they leave is how they feel & that’s the important part anyway.  

If you like the idea of a tan but are afraid of it being too ridiculously dark, patchy, fake looking or orange & you like to avoid exposing yourself to chemicals come & see me. I promise to make you feel welcome, to listen to what you want & to look after you & guide you every step of the way. 

Anita xx